unknown haunted places in india

Many people go on the vacations, some goes for enjoyment,some look for peace, etc. If you’re tired of the same old’ same old’ when it comes to tourist attractions and you happen to have a taste for all things spooky, then it looks like this article is just for you! If you are one of those people who wants to deal with their fears face to face and challenge themselves, you have to visit at least one of this places. But beware! This list is not for the scaredy-cat.

From Hill station to beach to Haunted House and Roads this is the five mysterious haunted places you should avoid.

1. Kurseong Hill Station-Darjeeling-West Bengal.

Kurseong is a beautiful hill station. Hardly any other place in eastern India is beautiful than this. But, it’s also full of spooky stories about murders and ghosts. Locals are convinced that Victoria boys high school is haunted. Someone Whispering and walking can be heard from here, even during school remain closed from December to March. For these, the Most believed story is about a Headless boy that can be seen on Down Hill Road or the ‘Death Road’. Woodcutters working in the Surrounding Forest, Claimed to have seen this Apparition that later vanishes in the roads.

2. Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat.

The beautiful Dumas Beach is located on the banks of the Arabian Sea. But, locals and tourists claimed mysterious happening takes place mainly due to its Black Sand. According to Folklores, people were usually burnt here after their death which resulted its sand to black. The beach remains normal during the day, but claims of ghosts sightings at night are also recorded. People say they hear Strange Sounds and Noises every Night. The appearance of white Apparitions can listen from people who have visited it at night. Surely a night at this beach is not a child’s play.

Dumas Beach

3. Haunted House in Meerut.

A house in the city of Meerut, that is unknown to the world, but it is well known by Meerutians. GP Block! The Most scariest Place in Meerut. Many have claimed to see a lady ghost on its roof. While Some people have seen a lady in red clothes entering and exiting the house. Not only women but some men are also have been seen here that are either laughing or sitting on the roof. Surprisingly, People Don’t know since when the house is Locked. People avoid going here due to which the road leading here turn into desert. If you are visiting Meerut, then must go to GP Block at Night.

Haunted House in Meerut
4. Arey Milk Colony Road-Mumbai.

At Night, Go wherever you want in Mumbai but never pass through Arey Milk road. This road may seem to be beautiful during the day but it turns creepy at Night. People avoid this road entirely after 10 pm. They say that it’s Haunted by a lady ghost that cries standing under a tree. Whenever someone stops his vehicle to help her, She reveals her real face which is Full of Rage and Anger can give anyone Nightmares and goosebumps. Although, many people claimed to have crossed this route at Night and saw nothing. But if there is no one then why people avoid this road is still a mystery which is fascinating the human mind.

5. Delhi Cantt Road:

If you are Driving at Delhi Cantt Road, then never provide the lift to a lady, especially when she is wearing a white saree. Its because a lady can ask you for a lift and Stopping your car will lead to any nasty Circumstances. There is a lot of missing reports of people’s on this road. More than Hundreds of people have claimed that they have seen the ghost on Delhi Cantt Road and more than 12 people have found dead on the road. If you won’t stop for, then she will run equally with your car speed. If you are lucky then she wouldn’t follow you anymore. This incidence has made Delhi Cantt Road one of India’s most Horrific Location.

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