After performing all the wedding rituals the first thing that comes up in the mind is to select the best honeymoon destination, as the honeymoon is quite helpful for understanding each other, relaxing and to bring a sense of togetherness. For selecting the best honeymoon destinations lots of Questions arises, as in where to go,  how to make the most of it. As it is the best time of your Married life. But don’t panic we are here to help you to identify the idyllic destination to fit your needs as your honeymoon mentors.

Whether you are looking for romantic cities, pristine beaches, astonishing vibes of the tropical region, or breathtaking natural beauty. We have covered with all the options and providing you with the best Top 10 romantic places, a newly married couple should take a look in 2019.

1-            Tuscany, Italy:

Though there are many Picturesque Honeymoon cities in Italy, the one that never fails to surprise is Tuscany. From the last hundred of years, Tuscany has astonished people with the beauty of its God-Gifted landscapes and some of the city famous artistic masterpieces. Couples used to enjoy themselves with  Tasty food along with the unique wines and sunflower field during summer making the atmosphere more amorous and lovey-dovey.

Due to its mild weather, it seems like time stands still and it is a perfect destination for the newly married couples.

Tuscany, Italy

Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Hill-Top Hamlets, Leaning Tower of Pisa, World-renowned Wines, Hot Springs, Ponte Vecchio.

Things to Do: Trekking, Wandering Streets, Pilgrimage to La Verna.

Best time to visit: April to May, Late September to October.

2-            Bora Bora:

Bora Bora is considered to be a romantic paradise, it helps to start off a marriage in an amazing way. Thanks to Bora Bora encashed within one of the most beautiful lagoons around the world for providing matchless beauty, a sensual place with vivid colors, gourmet dining and blazing sunsets that brings the lovebirds closer and provides the romantic first set of the married life.

Bora Bora

Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Matira Beach, Mount ottoman, Turtle Culture, White Valley, Tupitpiti Point.

Things to Do: Stingray Feeding, Safari, Jet Ski, Lagoonarium, Spas, Sunset Cruise Dinner.

Best Time To Visit: From May to October.

3-            Bahamas, North America:

The only way to describe the Bahamas is God-Gifted Paradise. In the Bahamas people surround themselves with the natural beauty along with Astonishing white sand beaches, Enjoying Casinos and Nightlife, Luxury offerings and the traditional island vibes which makes a perfect Honeymoon Destination. Along with it also provides Shimmering Marine live, Serenity and the Seafood which are freshly caught with different taste of spices.

Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Authentic Baham’s cuisine, Luxe hotels, Nightlife, Paradise Island along with Harbour island and Atlantis Bahamas.

Things to do: Kayaking, Jeep Buggy tour, Sandy toes, jet ski adventure, cruise trip.

Best Time to visit: Anytime

4-            Fiji Islands:

Fiji offers an astonishing romantic honeymoon atmosphere and its one of the destinations that remained Quite unnoticeable. From the sunset and brilliant sea experience of the South Pacific along with white-sand beaches and spas, this tiny island is the most breathtaking god-gifted beauty around the world.

Fiji, Islands

Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Nadi, Denarau Islands, Suva, Walking on Bega and Taveuni Water Falls.

Things to Do: Hiking, Snorkelling, Flyover the Mamanuca’s and Walking on Fire.

Best Time to Visit: From April to September.

5-            Hawaii, US:

Hawaii is one of those places that come up in the mind of newly married couples for Honeymoon.  With providing sensation beaches, aromas sunsets and astonishing natural beauty with award-winning spas around the globe which offers a most beautiful glimpse this place is mainly created for honeymooners. And if you love the city atmosphere with artificial attractions then it is the dream place you are looking for.


Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Oahu, Maui ocean center, Big islands, Volcanoes National Park, Kauai.

Things to Do: Helicopters, Spotting enormous Whales, Parasailing, Surfing.

Best Time to Visit: Mainly Winters( December to February)

6-            El Nido, Philippines:

To Find the picture-perfect Destination for your honeymoon is a boon, but there is a secret we are going to share with you about El Nido. It’s the only paradise on the earth which remained unspoiled. People can swim in the green clear water of the turquoise with the sharks and sometimes lucky Dolphins too. So to begin your journey El Nido is the picture-perfect destination.

El-Nido, Philipines

Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Huma Island, Camiguin, Palawan, Snake Island, a small lagoon and star beach.

Things to Do: Boat Tours, Small and big lagoons, Scuba and Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Marine life Dolphins.

Best Time To Visit: December to March.

7-            Switzerland:

The most beautiful and loved place by the honeymooners and winning the best place for honeymoon award all over the world, Switzerland serving as the dream Destination. For the picture lovers and making other jealous on social media platforms, it’s the most picturesque sites in the world. It is the place to visit in all the seasons serving different atmosphere all the time.


Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Swiss national park, Geneva, Zurich city, Famous Mountain Resort, Interlaken.

Things to Do: Swiss Honeymoon Dinner, visiting lakes and castles with hot springs.

Best Time to visit: Anytime but mostly Winter.

8-            Maldives, Srilanka:

One of the best places for the Honeymoon is the Maldives. From Watching the Sea life together, spending each day at different islands, Cruise through the country by visiting the Glowing beaches, Maldives provides the undisturbed company of lovebirds, certainly on a romantic honeymoon.

Maldives, Srilanka

Must visit, For Truly Lovey-Dovey: Explore Male, Dhoni Visit, Maafushi, Spa’s.

Things to Do: Barbeque catch, Visiting Islands from Sky, underwater Romance, Dolphin Show.

Best time to visit: April to November.

9-            Munnar, India:

Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill stations around the world and the best romantic destination in India. It has an extravagant range of flora and fauna, magical beauty of waterfalls with the pleasant climate which will make you visit Munnar today itself.  If not, then Munnar’s delicious delights will surely make fall for them! A honeymoon in Munnar will definitely fill you with memories.

Munnar, India

Must visit, For truly Lovey-Dovey: Kundala lake, Dairy Farm, Top stations, Echo Points with Sandalwood Forests and Attukad Waterfalls.

Things to do: shikara ride, cloud walking, harmony.

Best Time To Visit: October to November, and January to March.

10-          Iceland, Europe:

Iceland is considered to be the perfect Instagram honeymoon Destination around the globe. It may not have the beaches of Maldives, Bahamas or Hawaii but it has a lot more you can ever think of. From tackle the ice and climb a glacier to Enjoying the black sand beaches it’s the perfect destination for loved ones and with many unique activities we are sure that Iceland will not disappoint you.

Iceland, Europe

Must visit, For truly Lovey-Dovey: Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss, Golden Circle.

Things to do: Hot springs, National Parks.

Best time to visit: February to March and September to October

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